There are two types of strong “soulmate” connections you’ll have in this world. There are the deep soul connections that are encountered between two people who can actually see, feel and experience the other person’s visions which are only communicated on a psychic spiritual level. This connection has the potential for an intimacy so spiritually deep that each person accesses the true self and all-encompassing love that exists in the part of the other person that isn’t of this world.

The other type is the guardian soulmate. Often our individual spiritual needs are in contradiction to our earthly needs. In order to pursue spiritual needs, a person can not adequately devote enough attention to the state of his physical survival. You will meet people who, while they do not provide the same spiritual access and opportunity for exploration as a higher soul connection, their devotion to you is so strong that they take it upon themselves to be responsible for the survival of your body and mind on this earthly plane.

I think to different people, we’re different types of connections, the way jigsaw pieces fit with one piece one way, and another in another way. For example, I am a guardian soulmate to my brother. While I don’t experience a deep spiritual intimacy with him, I am nevertheless tied to him spiritually and I take it upon myself to be responsible for his survival. Meanwhile, I have had strong soul connections with random people I’ve met in life, even when it didn’t make sense or shouldn’t have on this plane. These connections helped me evolve and see more of the secret linings of the universe. The deeper these connections are, the more in contradiction they are with life on this plane, because being immersed in one of these connections is the equivalent of dunking your head underwater…while immersed, you are deficient in the ability to adequately protect yourself or look out for danger on land.

Both these connections are integral to a person’s evolution, whether on this plane or on a spiritual level. But like the joke about hating it when your wife and your mistress don’t get along, sometimes there’s a conflict or resistance when you try to integrate your life and connections on one plane with your life and connections on the other. I personally don’t think these connections are in competition with one another, and if life allowed us the luxury to nurture both, I think we would gain amazing knowledge and experience in regards to what we are, where we come from and where we are within the dimensional folds of the universe.

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