Today I was browsing profiles of people who went to my high school on myspace. I clicked on a girl who looked familiar, and she claimed that her current mood was “In Love.” I clicked on her photos to see who she was in love with, and it looked like apparently she had just gotten engaged. So deciding on further investigation of what type of person could make a person designate “In Love” as a whole moodset, I went to her Top 8, found the gentleman, then clicked on his photos.

In the first one, he was wearing a fanny pack.

How does one fall in love with a man who wears fanny packs?

I really don’t understand what’s going on.

Anyone Want to Send Me Your Handwriting?

I love looking at people’s handwriting. It’s an artistic and truthful form of personal expression–artistic because it comes from the subconscious, and truthful because it inherently unveils people. I’m especially intrigued by handwriting at the ends of the spectrum, from the completely indecipherable to the inhumanly symmetric. I notice that what muscles a person subconsciously chooses to use can also affect the script–normally, I use my fingers more than my wrist to guide the pen tip, creating tight, angular script, but when I’m writing more creative things, I notice I use my wrist more, creating softer, sweeping characters (though overall, my handwriting is aesthetically atrocious).

I collect signed old yearbooks from around the country because they contain fascinating collections of different types of handwriting. But I think I’m going to put out a call for handwriting samples for artistic purposes. I don’t know what I’ll do with them. But I would like to see a wide range of handwriting meshed together as an analogy to life, showing the wide range of people and personalities and expressions co-existing on a single plane.