Do it for the money or the love
For the glory of him above
For the ones who came before
Or the ones who follow after
For the start of the quest
Or the close of a chapter

For the road not taken
For the ghost of the father
For a blind mother’s burden
For the wounds of the brother

Though the palms of your hands
Can hold no water
When the footsteps you take
Move the destination farther
When you seek one answer
But believe in another
When you see into me
And think only lover

Time flows not straight
In plain sight is the best cover
When the two sides flip
It’s still the coin that recovers

When it’s time to move up find a tower
When it’s time to move down find a well
When there’s no flow stay still
When life opens its eye…pull the trigger.

in setting light
sweet words with tea
comes summer's end
a sunset between friends
a slight brush of skin
the birth...of a feeling

and so, begins the fall.